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Thursday, November 5, 2009
Swarovski Pearls Bracelet

I did this one just recently. I used swarovski pearls and it's quite expensive compared to swarovski crystals. But anyway, I tried to make one and hoping that would love to buy. I ask some friends to sell it for me and I was glad that they are willing to help.

I made another designs and maybe I will post it soon.

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White Swarovski Crystals

These are the bracelets that I did just recently. It took 2 hours for me to finish each bracelet design. I love making designs especially if I have time to spare. As a mother, housewife, and a teacher I find it interesting to make designs like these. It makes my life more meaningful with an accomplishment like this.

My hubby enjoys seeing me too, that in the midst of my hectic schedules - I could still make some of it.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Blue Crystals

Early this year, my sister took a picture of my handmade bracelet, earrings and necklace. I had asked her to do it because she was using a good camera. Many friends liked this set of swarovski crystals but can't afford to pay because I was selling it for $127. It's a quality one and the crystals are quite expensive so they said maybe next time if they have extra money to buy.

Anyway, I love the colors and the design. Maybe in the future someone could afford to buy for it.
It's blue and white with 10k gold. Anyone likes it?

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Sets of Swarovski Crystals

This is another design that I made last year. I had the chance to sell it through my sister. It's quite simple but elegant crystals. I love this color too. It's good that my sister took some pictures of my old crystal designs - last year. We were in the Phil. last year when I did these designs. I ask my sister to sell some because she was going out of the country and met different types of people. So I guess, she can sell it to her friends or to some people she met. And it's true she sold some but not all because she went back to the Phil. after knowing that our niece was not feeling well.

I was glad when I went back to the Phil. last week for many reasons. One, for our bereaved family. Two, for our reunion as a family, and three, for this design that my sister kept for sale. Nobody could afford to buy this one because it's a set and quite expensive because the materials are not common, you could seldom found this kind any crystal stores.
I made it a set of crystals; a pair of earrings, bracelet and necklace. It was bound by another 10- key gold with a strong lock. I guess, it's good only for celebrities or people who like fashion. I mixed it with light blue and white ( a different one) which looks gorgeous.
Some friends of mine told me that they loved it but they can't afford. So I decided to send it to my friend who will be going abroad to let them see the design. Hope someone can afford to buy it sooner.

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Pearl Designs

Since I started making designs I had my own favorites. I mean, there were designs that I like most. It's quite easy and cheaper than swarovski crystals. These are rice pearls. I have friends who were working abroad and they bought some of my designs to sell for their friends and others who wanted to buy. At least it's cheaper and attractive, lol! for my eyes only...

Although other friends like swarovski crystals but these are some of my favorites. I'm still praying for a market either around our place or beyond the corners. It's my prayer that the Lord will just send someone to help me just at the right time. It's not so easy these days to have a good market, people will buy what they need first then later if there is extra they can buy what they want. I do hope that the Lord will just bless this little business of mine. I also wanted to bless others through this gift...

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Pink Crystal Design

I started making this design the other day. I put a silver lock with special beads at the back. I started to enjoy looking at my pink designs and learned to love it. Before, the only color that attracted me was green. But now, I'm learning to love pink, it's sweet and nice too. A lot of my friends like pink especially my sister. For her, everything is pink in her house, her things everything around her. Most of her things inside the house pink is obvious. For me, green is life so I like it. That's why my eldest son's name started with Emerald (my motif during my wedding was emerald green). So you see, up to the name of my son Emerald came out. That's how I love green so much. But then, it changes a bit this time, pink is cute and sweet. Now, I like it. Hope you like this design too.

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Blue And White Swarovski Pearls

Last week I started making this blue with white pearls bracelet. Supposedly, I can finish it for few hours but because I was sick, I stopped making it and started to finish it this week. When I was still young, I was madly in love with the green color - when I get married I was attached to blue because my hubby loves blue.

While I was making this bracelet, I was thinking of having one for my myself because it looks so cool and cute as well, though it's simple but it looks nice when I started to wear it. As what I was mentioning, this is one of my outlets every time I felt bored of doing something, I immediately think of making a bracelet or a necklace if I have extra amount to buy for the materials. I need to save some amount for the materials alone - so I can't do it always.

I'm always excited when my friends will ask for the price and the more excited I would be if they will order, lol! At least I can earn something even for small amount. I'm still on my way to make the prices online. I'm just trying some techniques in order to post the list of prices. Of course it's not so cheap but not also expensive. I was using quality materials like swarovski crystals, rice pearls and crystal pearls. I really enjoy making it.

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