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Tuesday, November 3, 2009
Sets of Swarovski Crystals

This is another design that I made last year. I had the chance to sell it through my sister. It's quite simple but elegant crystals. I love this color too. It's good that my sister took some pictures of my old crystal designs - last year. We were in the Phil. last year when I did these designs. I ask my sister to sell some because she was going out of the country and met different types of people. So I guess, she can sell it to her friends or to some people she met. And it's true she sold some but not all because she went back to the Phil. after knowing that our niece was not feeling well.

I was glad when I went back to the Phil. last week for many reasons. One, for our bereaved family. Two, for our reunion as a family, and three, for this design that my sister kept for sale. Nobody could afford to buy this one because it's a set and quite expensive because the materials are not common, you could seldom found this kind any crystal stores.
I made it a set of crystals; a pair of earrings, bracelet and necklace. It was bound by another 10- key gold with a strong lock. I guess, it's good only for celebrities or people who like fashion. I mixed it with light blue and white ( a different one) which looks gorgeous.
Some friends of mine told me that they loved it but they can't afford. So I decided to send it to my friend who will be going abroad to let them see the design. Hope someone can afford to buy it sooner.

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